50 reasons to use RacerKidz Pub

As a Club

Reason 50 your members will be very happy to benefit from online registration, not to mention your volunteers and administrators.

Reason 49 your online registration is really top of the line, where members can pause and resume filling out the forms whenever etc.

Reason 48 you can manage all the membership data online, get all sorts of reports as Excel spreadsheets etc.

Reason 47 you can enter and track volunteer hours

Reason 46 you can have club forums, blogs, news, buy and sell

Reason 45 online forms have a complete audit history: who changed what

Reason 44 registration data is carried over to next year, making filling out the forms a breeze.

Reason 43 reduce the workload of your volunteers and employees.

Reason 42 setup calendars with events and notifications

Reason 41 event registration - plan ahead and track attendance

As a Coach

Reason 40 have your own coach's panel, with the clubs, teams and athletes you're working with this season

Reason 39 keep your own private athlete notes, enter them from the hill or stadium, hotel or home

Reason 38 keep structured feedback, constant communication with the athletes throughout the season

Reason 37 video analysis shared with athletes

Reason 36 complete history of an athlete, his feedback, progression in time - go back and see how an athlete evolved, his older race/training videos etc

Reason 35 upload a training video from the hill... the parents will be notified at work and see immediately how their kids are doing in that special training session or away race...

Reason 34 maintain a training and events calendar

Reason 33 planning and event registration, track attendance etc

Reason 32 have access to all the athlete notes on the hill

Reason 31 have access to the medical forms online, as a backup n an emergency

As a Parent

Reason 30 keep all your club registrations in one place

Reason 29 really useful online registration, where you can save incomplete forms any time and complete them later, ask for help oneline etc

Reason 28 keep track of all events, races, calendars, across all the clubs and sports etc

Reason 27 share videos, photos etc and receive shared videos, photos of races and other events

Reason 26 see the map to where and when you have to drive this race season - makes it easier to arrange car pooling

Reason 25 allow your under 13 year old kids to use the site or not, completely supervised

Reason 24 buy and sell lists

Reason 23 free blogs and forums for yourself

Reason 22 supervised child accounts, website is moderated

Reason 21 child activity notifications

As a Racer

Reason 20 keep track of your racing schedule among many clubs/sports (polo and ski for instance)

Reason 19 keep track of your coach's feedback - go back in time and see how it changed

Reason 18 share race reports with others, upload the cool vids or pics you took

Reason 17 public or private chats

Reason 16 supervised child accounts

Reason 15 moderated forums and topics

Reason 14 lots of info and advice on ski tuning, training etc


Reason 10 it's a really cool website, choose between light or dark themes and the entire website changes colors

Reason 9 developed by ski racing parents

Reason 8 help grow this online ski racing community

Reason 7 customize the website: change the theme at the click of a mouse and browse it however you want

NOTE! Whatever supercool feature we may have promised above is still subject to the Terms of Service that govern usage of this site!

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