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In a sentence: the awesomest online notes app: no clutter, fast and useful... it's free so see for yourself!


If you've ever felt constrained about having to compartmentalize your thoughts, ideas, notes and life because of all those "folders" then you know how we felt.

Enjoy the freedom to be your creative self, not having to worry about where should I file this idea or this note or this contact or this... whatever it is: just capture it and tag it!

Folders is not just about actual directories on a hard drive. There are folders in your inbox and* folders* in your notes app. The many different apps you have to deal with are like folders, the many menus and properties and attributes and whatnot that everyone out there makes you go through to get anything done. All these are folders and they're evil!

Go Folderless!

Mode | Creative

Capture a thought, a note, a contact, whatever - just type it, tag it and bag it! No folders to navigate or distract you.

You don't even have to think of good tags now: you can always go back and organize and reorganize them...

Mode | Organize

When you have the time to work, go and deal with your notes: tag them, edit them, make them look nice and share them etc.

Mode | Contemplate

Looking for something old? Need inspiration for something new? Use the content search at the top or the tag search on the right. Browse by tags. Go on... they're your notes... contemplate them!

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