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The RacerKidz is a great host for your club's online presence, including:

  • website pages
  • blogs, club news
  • forums
  • wiki

Some features helping clubs with the day to day chores:

  • online registration for members, racers and coaches: see the guide or the benefits++
  • quick surveys
  • membership management
  • tracking volunteer hours
  • teams and groups
  • calendars
  • camp registration
  • extra training (friday training) online registration and tracking, with monthly totals for invoicing
  • standardized online coach feedback
  • race reports
  • sharing photos, videos between club members or public etc
  • and more

It's all free for now - join now and get it all for free, including support and assistance to set it all up once - you tell us what you'd like and we basically set it up for you.

Your members will benefit from using the RacerKidz as it really is dedicated to support parents, racers and coaches that belong to multiple clubs.

Read more details about the benefits of hosting your club registration and membership management++.

Please feel free to browse around. If you have any questions, please create a support request below and we'll get back to you asap.

The catch

What's the catch you may ask.. ads! We figure we'll raise enough from the ads you see on this site, to make it viable. We will assess our funding needs every couple of years and will let you know how that goes. If we'll need to raise more, then new clubs won't find this hosting as free as you did.

Don't worry: if we have to introduce fees for processing the registrations, these will be very small and commensurate with the size and non-profit status of your club. Your blogs and forums, race reports etc will always be free.

Stuff you may have to pay for, if you really want, would include:

  • extra help with registration after the first season (suport etc)
  • removing ads from certain pages
  • dedicated club web address, like or

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