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The registration process is an interaction between the "Member" and the "Club" (really, the club's administrator)... more like a dialog.

The functionality below is available from the "Preferences" menu - you can get there if you log in to the site and click on your name in the top-right corner and, from the drop down menu, select "Preferences".

Club setup items

There are a few things that the club needs to setup (menu: Preferences/Registration):

  • registration preferences
  • the forms (per family, per racer etc). These are the possible types of forms right now:
    • family forms - one set per family, including waivers etc
    • racer forms - one per racer
    • coach forms - one per coach, to start electronic registration for coaches as well: you could have the coaching contract as an electronic form...
    • volunteer forms - one per volunteer, if you need the volunteers (parents) to fill out special forms or waivers

You can create more types of forms, just open a support request and tell us about the intended use...

When that is done, you can notify the members to create accounts and start the registration process.

1. Creating an account

The first step is for each member to create an account. Here's a sample email with instructions to send your members: Account_Guide_For_Members++.

Remeber to add the special join link, specific for your club, that you can get from us.

2. Registration

As members register and you have all your forms in order, you can start the registration process for each member:

  1. go through the registration management panel, underl Preferences/Registrations. Here you'll find a list of all the members. For each family, select the primary member and then:
  2. selct to "expire" the current status/registration
  3. add the family forms only
  4. select the "start" - this will notify him/her to start comleting the forms

That's it! As he/she will submit the forms, you will be notified and have the option to approve or reject them.

Here's a sample email with instructions to send your members, in preparation for the registration process: Registration_Guide_For_Members++.

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