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Registration process for families with kids. Don't worry - this may sound long, complicated and boring but it is actually quite straight forward and self-explanatory, once you start the process. This here is so long and detailed just for completeness.

Once your account is created you are ready to go through the registration process. If you did not create an account, you can do so now.

If at any point, you have any issues, questions or concerns, please create a support request from the bottom of the page and we'll address it quickly.

The Club will start the registration process for you and invite you to fill out the family registration forms.

You will receive an email with the notification that you can start the registration process, please follow the link in the respective email. Also, when you log into the site, there will be a notification in bright red under "to do" that there is a registration pending.

Make sure you have completed your contact information, from the Preferences/Contact menu.

Step 1 - family members

Then, you will first add the family members in the respective table, especially the racers included in the registration and then fill out the registration forms. For each racer added to the registration, special forms will be created and added to the set of forms (medical, waivers etc).

Also, you should add your spouse and anyone else that may be in volunteer or other position, so then the system can track their volunteer hours etc.

Step 2 - add the family to the registration

Once you listed all family members, you should add them to the registration. For each, you will specify a role: Racer, Coach or Member etc - your club may create additional roles... as you do so, you will see new forms being added to the registration, for each fmaily member.

It is a lot easier if you first create all the family members in the respective table, then add them all to the "registration" and only then start completing the forms! If you make any mistake, like adding a kid with the role of a coach, this is the time to correct it: just click the red "remove" button and add him/her again!

Step 3 - complete the forms

The forms may be saved and completed any time. When happy with the content, just "submit" each form. Do remember to "save" or "submit" any form before leaving the page: the fields are not saved automatically...

What happens next is that the club's administrator will review and accept each form. If any form is incorrect, it will be rejected with a note and you will receive an email with the reason - just go back in and correct the form and "submit" again.

Fees - use the fees table to calculate how much you have to pay, based on what age group and what other events you register each racer.

Step 4 - payment

Upon the last form from that registration being approved by the club's administrator, the status of the registration will be updated to green and you will receive instructions for payment of the fees. While we do not handle payments through this website, you can use a range of services for payments, including PayPal or email.

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