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As a ski racing family, we know how hard it is for clubs to manage their website presence, online registration, volunteering hours and everything, so we created this new website , RacerKidz, where you can host your ski club’s web pages, offer online registration and membership management and more, for free.

Online Registration More Features...

Online Registration

Status: processed `{{call:#1}}` forms so far this season.

You can offer online registration forms to your members, free. You can actually see a sample registration process online without an account or anything, if you follow this link try now and click on the red “pending registration forms” link. If you want to try for yourself, create an account.

If you think it's too late for this season... it may be: this took a lot of work. We can set you up in a day or two, if you already know what forms you want, though. You can use all the other features even if none or just a few of your members use this site for online registration.

You can read more details about the benefits of hosting your club and about the online registration++ process you could have.

As a coach, I really appreciate having access to my athlete's medical forms online, from the hill, in an emergency!Doug

More: volunteer hours, calendars, surveys, coach’s feedback etc

You can use these features even if you host the registration somewhere else - because this is just where the fun begins. You can now track volunteer hours, team assignments and calendars, tracking extra training participation and online coach’s feedback and much more. In time, we intend to cover all the services that a ski club needs, its coaches, managers, volunteers, racers and parents. See more features here.

There are already many articles with detailed information on ski tuning++ etc.

If you’re interested, just click here Support, send us your email or phone number and we can talk about helping you will all the above. Should you decide you don’t have time or want to look into it this season, no need to answer, we’ll keep you up to date with the new features.

Thank you and, since we’re talking online registration, here’s a tip (free, like everything else): the *easiest and best way to save moneys* for your members and still offer online payments is to use Interac Email payments… all major Canadian banks offer it. With a 1.50$ fee on average, it is the cheapest online payment service, period… read more here: interac email transfers.

P.S. The best part is that it's all free and we want to keep it free always.


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